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Mokume Zenduo Evo Fidget Spinner

Mokume Zenduo Evo Fidget Spinner

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This is a special edition, non-serialized with COA, limited release Mokume version of our popular Zenduo Evo bar spinner. You can read more about the Zenduo Evo on the main page here.

Please note that due to the nature of Mokume, the patterns will vary. We have taken a few photos to show this. If this is something that concerns you, we completely understand and do not think this is the spinner for you.

LIMIT ONE PER PERSON. If you add more than one to your cart or place multiple orders, we will cancel your order. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. We want to give as many people as possible a chance to enjoy our products.

If anything besides the Mokume Zenduo is in your order when your order is placed, please be advised that your order will not ship until Tuesday, June 4th. 


The mokume version has been modified for a slip/press fit hybrid R188 instead of a removable R188 system.


  • weight: ~90 grams
  • spinning diameter: 48mm
  • body thickness: ~10.5mm
  • R188 Fidget HQ High Velocity Hybrid (10-ball) - installed
  • 22mm Kong buttons in mokume
  • free EDC pouch and cleaning cloth included - while supplies last
  • note: this item will not come with a tin


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