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Zenduo Evo Metal Fidget Spinner, R188 Press-fit Bearing (pre-order)

Zenduo Evo Metal Fidget Spinner, R188 Press-fit Bearing (pre-order)

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A brand new Fidget HQ original: the Zenduo Evo is a reimagined larger version of the Zenduo spinner. The new version is inspired by the shapes prominent in the Zentri Nano design, which makes it a very comfortable spinner to hold, flick, and fidget with even with it's large size and weight. The Zentri Evo comes standard with our Zenspin bearing for smooth and quiet spins.

This is a pre-order, the pre-order is open until May 8, 2019, and will ship around mid to late-June!

Free EDC carry pouch and cleaning cloth included (while supplies last)! Psst.. looking for the tungsten version?


  • weight: ~75-80 grams (SS)
  • weight: ~45 grams (Ti)
  • spinning diameter: 48mm
  • body thickness: ~10.5mm
  • R188 Fidget HQ Zenspin bearing (10-ball) - installed
  • R188 standard SS bearing (10-ball) - spare (as of Oct 15th)
  • press/slip-fit bearing



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Never struggle with pushing out a press-fitted bearing and risk damaging your bearing and spinner body in the process. Simply twist off the retainer and lift your bearing out for easy cleanings.

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