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Tungsten Zentri Nano Fidget Spinner, R188 High Velocity Hybrid Bearing

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This is a special edition, serialized with COA, limited release Tungsten version of our popular Zentri Nano tri spinner. You can read more about the Zentri Nano on the main page here.

The tungsten version has been modified for a slip/press fit hybrid R188 instead of a removable R188 system.

Pre-orders open on Sept. 14 at 10:00 PM EST. The pre-orders are only open for 24 hours. After that both batch will be locked down.

Batch 1 is already under production, and we estimate your order would ship in around 3 weeks.

Batch 2 production will start after the pre-orders close. Due to the holiday in China during October, we estimate your order would ship near mid to late October 2017.


  • weight: estimated around 105-115 grams
  • size: 44mm (diameter) x 9mm
  • Fidget HQ High Velocity R188 ceramic hybrid bearing (10-ball)
  • press-slip fit bearing
  • material: tungsten alloy 97% with stainless steel Kong buttons
  • serialized with COA, and number engraved on the body under the buttons caps.
  • free EDC pouch and cleaning cloth included


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