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Tungsten Zentri Nano Fidget Spinner, R188 Zenspin Bearing

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This is a special edition, "seconds" repaired, limited release Tungsten version of our popular Zentri Nano tri spinner. You can read more about the Zentri Nano on the main page here.

The "seconds-repaired" tungsten version has been modified with a 17mm diameter bearing hole (606 bearing size) and has a removable R188 bearing core/adaptor pre-installed and assembled with a Zenspin bearing.

The "seconds" originally had a wobble due to the R188-size hole being made off-center by 0.20mm, which is why we had to make a new 17mm hole to fix the original holes.

Orders open on Nov. 24 at 10:00 AM EST. Orders ship in 2-3 business days.

Batch 1 are fully repaired of the original issue, and are considered good-as-new, but being sold at a discounted $89.99.

Batch 2 are also repaired using the same method, but to discerning eyes and hands, a very, very slight flutter is still present will be barely noticeable. Due to the flutter, we have discounted these to $59.99.


  • weight: estimated around 115-120 grams
  • size: 44mm (diameter) x 9mm
  • Fidget HQ Zenspin bearing (10-ball)
  • removable r188 bearing
  • material: tungsten alloy 97% with stainless steel Kong buttons
  • *NOT* serialized


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