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Tungsten Quasar 514 Fidget Spinner, R188 Hybrid Bearing

Tungsten Quasar 514 Fidget Spinner, R188 Hybrid Bearing

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A brand new Fidget HQ original: Quasar 514 is a sleek, space-age design dual metal fidget spinner. This is a special edition, serialized with COA, limited release Tungsten version of our Quasar bar spinner.

The tungsten version has been modified to remove the tritium slots, and the other cuts which were featured in the original design. This change is to maximize the weight of the body, which is what tungsten is all about! The tungsten version also features a slip fit hybrid r188 instead of a removable r188 system.

This new body also features hotspot reductions at the tips of the wings, please refer to the 3d photo for the final planned changes.


  • weight: estimated around 110 grams
  • size: 47mm x 9mm
  • no tritum slots
  • Fidget HQ R188 ceramic hybrid bearing (10-ball)
  • slip fit bearing
  • material: tungsten alloy 95% / buttons are stainless steel
  • designed in collaboration with Jong Un


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