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Tungsten Deltacore Fidget Spinner - ships in ~5-6 weeks

Tungsten Deltacore Fidget Spinner - ships in ~5-6 weeks

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This is a special edition, serialized with COA, limited release Tungsten version of Mechforce's Deltacore spinner -- licensed to Fidget HQ for a tungsten production.

Please do not order non-pre-order items while ordering this item. Please see included photos of the Tungsten Nano, Proxima and Quasar for an idea of the final "polished" finish and color.

The final shipped product will feature thicker frame spokes concealed under the buttons. The spokes connect the triangle body to the bearing area, due to the weight and brittleness of tungsten, this change is needed to prevent broken spokes.

The bearing housing was modified for a press/slip-fit r188 bearing. The tungsten Deltacore buttons will have a solid circular shape around the outside diameter.

Pre-orders open on July 29 at 10:00 AM EST and will only be open for 48 hours / 2 days. After that, the production will be locked down.


  • weight: estimated around 340 grams with tungsten buttons
  • size: Length: 2.3” x Width: 2.5” x Thick: 0.7”
  • Fidget HQ R188 High Velocity V2 ceramic hybrid bearing (10-ball)
  • press/slip fit bearing
  • material: mil-spec grade 3 tungsten alloy 95% / buttons are stainless steel
  • SS buttons included will be the Proxima XL buttons
  • serialized with COA, and number engraved on the body under the buttons caps

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