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Quasar Tri Metal Fidget Spinner + new colors, R188 Removable Bearing

Quasar Tri Metal Fidget Spinner + new colors, R188 Removable Bearing

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A brand new Fidget HQ original: Quasar Tri is the three-arm evolution of our Quasar design which features a sleek, space-age design in a metal fidget spinner. The Quasar comes in a balanced flick-able size & weight to allow for fidgeting without fatigue, and features 6x tritium slots to add a glow to your space-age design spinner. The tritium slots are surrounded by other cutouts in the metal to allow for light pollution for a fuller glow around the spinner.

This new body also features hotspot reductions at the tips of the wings.

Free EDC carry pouch and cleaning cloth included (while supplies last)! Psst.. looking for the tungsten version?


  • 3:30-4:30 minute spin time
  • weight: ~56g (SS "Cuts" version), ~62g (SS "Solid" version)
  • spinning diameter: 47mm
  • six (6) tritium slots (tritium not provided) in the "cuts" version - accepts 1.5 x 6mm trits
  • NO tritium slots in the "solid" version
  • Fidget HQ Zenspin Bearing - installed (as of Oct 15th)
  • R188 stainless steel bearing (10-ball) - spare (as of Oct 15th)
  • removable bearing system for easy cleaning
  • designed in collaboration with Jong Un



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The Quasar Spinner follows the Fidget Spinner best standards by using a R188 stainless steel bearing which has become the standard across high-performance spinners.



Never struggle with pushing out a press-fitted bearing and risk damaging your bearing and spinner body in the process. Simply twist off the retainer and lift your bearing out for easy cleanings.

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