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Hexorus Fidget Spinner, Rubberized Plastic Hex with R188 Bearing

Hexorus Fidget Spinner, Rubberized Plastic Hex with R188 Bearing

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The Hexorus plastic spinner with R188 bearings -- the hex-shape evolution of our dual-shape Horus spinner -- comes in an easily flick-able rubberized plastic gear-shaped body which has some impressive capabilities at its size and price. Sporting 3+ minute spin times, a rubberized plastic body and buttons for an enhanced grip, an r188 bearing, and a smooth spin that's a pleasure to fidget with.


  • R188 steel bearing (10-ball)
  • 3-5 minute spin time
  • 40g weight
  • a removable bearing system for easy cleaning



The Hexhorus Spinner follows the Fidget Spinner best standards by using an R188 steel bearing which has become the standard across high-performance spinners.



Never struggle with pushing out a press-fitted bearing and risk damaging your bearing and spinner body in the process. Simply twist off the buttons, and remove the screws for easy access to your bearing. Then simply lift your bearing out for easy cleanings.


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