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AONIC Worry Coin

AONIC Worry Coin

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A brand new Fidget HQ original: the AONIC Worry Coin. True to the founding idea of Fidget HQ ("if we won't use it, we won't sell it") we have started to design EDC products outside of spinners but still in areas of products we are passionate about.

The design is meant to be in line with some of our space age inspired line of products with a few influences: our Proxima buttons mixed with the Kong button scoops on the smooth side, mixed with the AONIC flashlight aesthetic and grip edges. The faceted edges allow for easy fidgeting and provide tactile feedback during fidgeting. The scooped side is very satisfying to use as a “worry stone” while also allowing you to spin the coin in your hands by pushing the faceted edges around.

Copper or Bronze: please keep in mind that these metals will develop "patina" from day to day use. If you don't know what patina is, select stainless steel!

Please take a look at the 3D renders in the photos for Reg. vs XL size comparisons. We also included a Proxima 22mm button in there as a reference point.

Please note that these do not contain bearings and are not spinners. 


  • Regular size: ~32.5mm diameter / ~1.25 inch diameter
  • XL size: ~38.4mm diameter / ~1.50 inch diameter
  • Thickness: 5.60 mm / ~0.22 inch
  • Metals: Copper / Stainless Steel / Aluminum / Titanium / Bronze (CuSn8)


  • Regular size - SS: ~28g / ~1 oz
  • Regular size - Copper: ~34g / ~1.2 oz
  • XL size - SS: ~34g / ~1.2 oz
  • XL size - Copper: ~41g / ~1.45 oz

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