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Zenduo Metal Fidget Spinner, Brass or SS with R188 Removable Bearing

Zenduo Metal Fidget Spinner, Brass or SS with R188 Removable Bearing

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Following in the footstep of its older brother, the Zenduo fidget spinner is an highly anticipated dual wing fidget spinner that satisfies the simple, stealth, and minimalist aesthetic design elements made popular by modern urban devices. 

R188 bearings with stainless steel balls that prevent rusting, a removable bearing system for easy cleaning, and most importantly, easy fidgetabilty.  

The Zenduo's compact and black stealth or matte silver design allows fidgeting discreetly in high-stress situations.


    • R188 stainless steel bearing (10-ball)
    • 4-6 minute spin time
    • 55g weight
    • removable bearing system for easy cleaning

Please note that the Stainless Steel Polished, and Stainless Steel Brushed models come with branded buttons with the Zenduo logo with a Z in the center like the Zentri buttons.


The Zenduo Spinner follows the Fidget Spinner best standards by using an R188 stainless steel bearing which has become the standard across high-performance spinners.



Never struggle with pushing out a press-fitted bearing and risk damaging your bearing and spinner body in the process. Simply twist off the retainer and lift your bearing out for easy cleanings.

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