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Kong 3-in-1 Fidget Spinner & 608 Adaptor with R188 Removable Bearing

Kong 3-in-1 Fidget Spinner & 608 Adaptor with R188 Removable Bearing

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The widely well-received Kong fidget spinner, fidget toy, worry coin, and 608 adaptor is a well-received fidget toy that satisfies the need for fidgeting in a simple, stealth, and minimalist design. This is an FidgetHQ original and exclusive release.

Please note the final production version has upgraded buttons (not the flat ones from some brass pictures) with a deeper groove for an easier grip. Check out the Stainless Steel pictures for the final button design 

The Kong in its fun micro design has many uses:

  • Use it as a worry coin; toss it around in your hands, in the air, or just run it across your fingers
  • Use it as a stealth fidget spinner; if you like the spinning gyro feel, you will get the same sensations in a micro package
  • Use it as a general fidget toy, the micro design combined with the gyroscopic forces allows you to do some fun and unexpected tricks as a table-top spinner!
  • Use it as a 608 bearing adaptor. Have a favorite spinner that you wish spun smoother and long, but it only accepted 608 bearings? Drop one of these in there!
  • Weights in at ~25 grams
  • R188 stainless steel bearing (10-ball)
  • 2:30 - 3:30 minute spin time

R188 bearing with stainless steel balls that prevent rusting, a removable bearing system for easy cleaning, and most importantly, easy fidgetabilty.  

The Kong's compact package allows fidgeting discreetly in high-stress situations without drawing attention to yourself. The Kong is available in stainless steel for those who prefer the shine and luster of a silver colored spinner, in black plated stainless steel for the durability of SS, but with the stealth look of black, or in raw brass for the family heirloom look with age.


The Kong Spinner follows the Fidget Spinner best standards by using a R188 stainless steel bearing which has become the standard across high-performance spinners.



Never struggle with pushing out a press-fitted bearing and risk damaging your bearing and spinner body in the process. Simply twist off the retainer and lift your bearing out for easy cleanings.

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